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Not only do we sell just about any phone on the market, we also have an outstanding buyback program. We purchase almost any new/used cell phone, and it's as simple as emailing us a little information, us then sending you a free prepaid envelope to mail it back in, and you cashing the check we send you! If your in the local Indianapolis area feel free to bring your phones into our store to sell during business hours. We even buy broken smartphones, so don't let your old cell phone sit in your drawer collecting dust when you can turn it into cash with us! We pay the wholesale market value based on cosmetic condition and working condition. It takes about 60 seconds to call or email us the info we need to give you a quote and you're on your way to putting some cash in your pocket! Not only will we send you a check, but we can also put the credit towards a new phone through us. Right now Android, iPhone, and blackberry top the wanted list but all phones are needed. We also can donate your cell phone to breast cancer awareness, one of many charities dear to us.


Email Information:

  1. Make and model of phone
  2. Condition based on our chart
  3. Any known defects
  4. Accessories
  5. Special Notes



By sending indycellular4less your handset, you agree to transfer ownership to indycellular4less. Indycellular4less agrees to pay you the agreed upon price based on the condition you described. If it arrives not in the condition you described, you will receive fair market value of the condition. All transactions are final.

Indy Cellular 4 Less Promise

Indy Cellular 4 Less Promise
1.We promise you a fully tested, fully functional cell phone backed by a warranty new or used phone.
2. Lightning fast and insured shipping (before 1pm EST)
3. One of a kind customer support
Our Cell Phone Promise

Buyback Cell Phone Program

Buyback Cell Phone Program
We also buy used cell phones!
Sell us your used phones and get cash for a new one!

The Unlock Cell Club

The Unlock Cell Club
Unlock your new or used cell phone here. We can help with all your unlocking needs.
Factory unlock any AT&T Iphone and sim unlock all other Iphone carriers.
You own the cell phone you should be able to control it!