What does Certified Preowned mean?
It means it has been opened and fully inspected inside and out passing a 46 point inspection through “PhoneCheck” a diagnostic tool which is considered the carfax of cell phones. It has a valid original purchase date, verified to have never been refurbished or had any activation issue and has no history of liquid damage. Cosmetically it will have little to no signs of use and is considered in the industry as “the cream of the crop”. Each certified preowned device comes with it’s own certified certificate.

What is an unlocked cell phone?
An unlocked cell phone is a phone that is not bound to a particular cell phone carrier, specifically carriers that have a gsm network (global system for mobile communications network). If you have an unlocked phone, you can typically use it with a cell phone provider that has a gsm network, such as t-mobile and at&t. Just purchase a wireless service plan, get one of the carrier’s sim cards (a cell phone smart card that stores your information and enables use of the phone), and you’re ready to go.

What does your warranty cover?
Our industry leading 90 day warranty covers everything the original manufacturer warranty covers which is phone related issues only. Speaker, microphone, no power, battery issues, screen issues (non cracked or broken) and general functionality issues. What we don’t cover is man made issues such as anything caused by drops or falls, cracked screens, liquid damage, charging port issues to name a few. We thought it important to cover exactly the same issues as the original warranty the phone came with.

Where do you get your cell phones from?
Are phones come from a variety of channels including the major carriers, manufacturers, vendors and local buybacks. All phones are put through rigorous testing before they are listed for sale.

Do you have a trade in program?
We have a trade in program to where we assign a value to your phone and that value can be used towards a purchase of one or our phones. We will also pay you cash for your phone if you only wish to sell your device.

Do you recycle old cell phones?
We do have a recycling program in place when the proceeds of the recycled cell phones go to “Pets For Vets” which helps returning veterans suffering from PTSD. Phones can be dropped off or sent in to our location.