Phone Unlocking

Indy Cellular 4Less

Cell phone unlocking enables you to switch service providers using the same mobile device. Often networks and carriers will “lock” their devices so you are restricted to use their services only.

Indy Cellular 4Less

We have been unlocking phones for over 10 years with 15,000+ unlocked during that time. We guarantee lowest price in Indianapolis and fastest turnaround time.

Indy Cellular 4Less

Call or come in to place your order. After you place your order, we will either E-mail or Call you with your phone’s unlock code and instructions. Simply input the code and your cell phone will be unlocked to any GSM Network. You can also bring your phone into us and let us personally unlock it for you. iPhones automatically unlock and require only a reset once the unlock has been approved.

We can network unlock just about ANY phone. We can also remove most password locks and Google accounts. Most unlocks can be done while you wait while some take a few days to process.

IPHONE "FLASHING" (Updated June 2019)

We can unlock ANY iPhone with a service we call "flashing". Financed iPhones are becoming either very expensive or impossible to unlock until they are paid off but we have a service that can unlock ANY iPhone from any carrier on the planet to work on AT&T or any of their Pre-Paid networks network for $60. This "flash" will keep the phone unlocked unless you erase the phone by doing a factory data reset. For more information on this please call or stop in but again this service will unlock ANY iPhone on the planet and takes less than 1 hour. Again we can unlock ANY iPhone on the planet within 30 minutes!